… Agents

Today I am very happy to be a Nanny.

A day ago (as a Nanny) I was able to fully assist another human being in one of the most fundamental ways. For reasons of confidentiality I cannot elaborate. But for the privilege of doing so I am truly grateful.

For those who don’t know, I have been writing a book “The Nanny Time Bomb” for over 8 years and it’s pretty much finished. At least the first part of the work is finished. I still work as a Nanny. But I have laid down my pen. I am at peace with what hitherto has been a perplexing glitch in my arts-related career.

But I am also done with it.

What comes next is the next level. So far, 3 agents (out of 20) have asked to see my proposal. I have responded to one agent on-line – yesterday. I have yet to respond to the other two (they requested hard copies) over the next dew days. The hard copies are printing as I type. And tomorrow I shall mail them.

Wish me luck …