First day …

Nanny Time Bomb signing in.

Inspired by Julie & Julia I begin a blog unsure as to where this will lead. In conjunction with Twitter and Facebook, I attempt to make a voice heard in a wilderness of endless debate.

My experiences as a Nanny are based exclusively in Manhattan, New York City and in real time. The opening chapter of my book “The Nanny Time Bomb” can be found (reading from first tweet to latest tweet) on my twitter profile:THENANNYTIMEBOMB. The point of the book is this:

Today in 2009 children are suffering.

If they’re suffering in Manhattan you can be sure they are suffering through-out the world where parents have to outsource the care of their children.

To be clear in my intentions my work is not an attack on working parents or childcare workers. It’s a criticism of a system – the system of economics and of a culture – that fails our children in their first years of life. Therefore modern childcare must be reformed. I endeavor to be a part of the movement for childcare reform.