Last night after 10 an agent called me.

I had to pinch myself. Was I dreaming?

“So what makes your book so different?”

It’s probably the first time in my life I didn’t think. I heard myself talking:

“My book consolidates every aspect of outsourced childcare. Yes – there are some wonderful books out there that deal with child psychology, undocumented and/or immigrant childcare workers, tax codes and economics. Yes – I have found them illuminating. But the problem with compartmentalization is that none of these books provide an over view of what’s actually happening within the childcare industry itself. I’ve worked this job for over 7 years now. I know that a tipping point has been reached and we cannot go that much further before cracks emerge.”

I took a breath. Silence on the other end …

“Therefore I advocate a reform of non-parental childcare. Nothing less than drastic change can generate a system of care that nurtures children, supports working families and allows childcare workers to earn a living wage.”

Fortunately the agent was still on-line.

She said she’d send it out to a few editors.

I am hoping that something sticks. I’ve sent out so many agents letters. Wish me luck.

Nanny signing off ….