Who’s your Nanny?


You pass me every day in the street. Sometimes you cast me a friendly glance. Often I’m invisible. I’m the one pushing the stroller. I take care of the nation’s children – your children. Maybe I live in; more often than not, I just show up early every day and take over the running of your home.

I’m the Nanny.

I entered the trade in 2003 and for 6 years I worked as hired help amongst all kinds of Nannies – illegal and legal, part-time and full-time, wonderful and downright nasty. I gained entry to a club, a sisterhood, an unregulated body of women who take care of other people’s children for cash.

As a Nanny I became an integral figure in a network of caregivers. What I witnessed on ‘play-dates’, in luxurious apartments and elsewhere will stay with me forever. Nothing is what it seems in the unlicensed world of Nannies.

My book “THE NANNY TIME BOMB” is an expose from within. I use my blog to dip into it and to gather my thoughts/keep my sanity as I am still out there ‘working’.

I wrote my book to address a malediction in our society: the way we hire out the primary care of our children and what it’s doing to them, and the workers involved.

Like most hardworking parents, you trust that you’ve chosen the right Nanny. But what if your Nanny is neglecting or mistreating your children? How can you tell? And what can you do to prevent this?

If you are a hardworking Nanny, who is tired of working long hours for low pay, and/or for being called a ‘sitter’ when you are functioning higher than a weekend teen babysitter, and/or for being an undocumented Nanny whose employers take advantage of you, then I am here to advocate for you too.

I may have an opportunity to reach NYC moms over the next few days … I am going to think about how I can articulate my case. If you read this blog please help me get this out.

Are you a Working Mother? Are you a Nanny? What are your thoughts about pay, undocumented workers and child welfare?