(Entry below adapted from a NYC Blog spot for parents)

“I totally admit I don’t want to make the change I know is possible. I’m too selfish. Perhaps there are self-less parents out there who can cast that first stone, and say to me, with absolute authority: “Why did you have children then, you selfish asshole.” Though I doubt it. Nannies are the embodiments of our selfishness, our desire to have something more than a 24-7 family life, to have a career, a sex life even … and because of that, Nannies are a constant thorn in our side, just by being there, so available for hire, holding our children and smiling while we wander off for downtime. It’s like we dump our guilt onto them … like they know our dirty little secret … that we pay a stranger to keep our children away from us.”
Most working parents are run ragged from pillar to post. They work full-time, they organize childcare, play-dates, meals, they shop, they pay bills, they go to school fundraisers, they ferry children to games and classes, and after all that, they attempt to have social lives and healthy marriages. Most of the time, their marriages, careers and children survive intact. Yes, these parents are smart and organized but they also have childcare. Childcare, whether good or bad enables parents to meet their own life needs adequately.
So why do some parents feel guilty about using childcare?