Moms Blog … Part 2.

In this excerpt from my book “The Nanny Time Bomb” and part 2 of ‘Moms blog’ we explore what moms write about online. The content below was adapted from a popular online website. User names and some content have been edited to protect the identity of individuals. Spelling and grammar reproduced as it appeared in original blog. Opinions expressed below do not reflect the opinion of the author.

Moms Blog: Part 2
Thread subject: ‘Mom on mom’


Cathy911: Why is there so much bitchin’ going on between SAHM (stay at home mom) and WOHM (working outside home mom)? Jealousy?
LisaH: Get a life. Go to Baghdad puts it all in perspective
StellaSunshine:  SAHM’s are good for the economy they hire people
InSync: Illegals 
 Cathy911: Oh ‘InSync:’ You know this for sure or just stuck in front of your office PC right now bored out of your tiny admin mind?
 InSync: I work from home but thanks for asking. I have a frenemy (friend/enemy) with 3 kids divorced hires 3 illegals at $8 ph, never sees her kids and doesn’t work go figure
 StellaSunshine: She just sounds like a sick person
LisaH: No she’s probably rich – old rich and that’s how they ‘raise’ their kids didn’t you read “The Nanny Diaries?”
LardyDa: That’s the point of having children one leaves them the estates you paupers wouldn’t understand that…
InSync: LOL 
Cathy911: Why stay home and have 3 illegals care for your kids?
LardyDa: That’s the point …… because she can
InSync: Who cares? The little scrogs will end up just like her and with even more money
SuperWoman:  I stay home to raise my kids by myself and it’s hard work.
Anna: You NYC moms are really nasty
InSync: So hire an illegal and stop sapping your dh (dear husband) saphead get a job!
LisaH: We’re not all mentally scarred really…
Zita: None of these weirdo’s would say this stuff to your face so don’t take it personally
InSync: ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz

Buttercup: I am SAHM with 2 nannies. People are different, were raised differently, and choose to live their lives differently. I want to still be the person, friend, wife, lover and whole person I used to be and having help allows me to be ….
InSync: And the Oscar goes to … ‘Buttercup’
Charlie2233:  My friend is a SAHM with two kids and a husband who adores her. All she does is moan about how hard her life is (her kids are in school all day) and she has a p/t Nanny. I’m on my own with one dc. She’s always crabbing to me. It’s driving me crazy.
SuperWoman: Very annoying my friend does the same thing.
InSync: You sound like a jealous troll do you want her husband?
Charlie2233: Actually NOT JEALOUS she has a shitty life and her husband is unattractive. Not my type.
InSync: What’s your type : non-existent?
SuperWoman:  Oh come on, we all know SAHMs like this.  They’re pathetic. We can all relate.
SweetLady: Most SAHM I know r not like that but now you come to mention most of the working moms I see at school wine like sad old bitches.
Charlie2233: This is not about working moms and stay home moms.

InSync: You ‘SuperWoman’ relate because you’re a sad jealous two-timing troll too.
SuperWoman: ‘InSync: ’ = ass. Period. The end.
InSync: Thanks. ‘SuperWoman’ = Mute troll.
Buttercup: We should all just work on our own lives and get on with it.
InSync: Why? This is more fun.
SuperWoman:  You never add anything constructive.
SweetLady: well  ‘InSync: ’ tells you lame lazy MF how it really is, otherwise this site would be so GODAM boring.
SweetLady:  ‘Charlie2233’ = some BADASS  frek. Some friend u r. bitchin behind your womans back.

Charlie2233: Ok. Re-read this.  I couldn’t be less of a ‘frek’ sorry freak. I left a top Wall Street job to care for my own child. I chose to walk away from a life dictated by wealth, country homes, loft apartments. I am actually happy right now.
SuperWoman:  I’m surprised ‘SweetLady’ can even type let alone read and write.
 InSync: ZZZZ Yawn you sound so boring I preferred you in that Wall Street job before you got knocked up by the CEO who wouldn’t leave his wife of 60 years.
Charlie2233:  My pregnancy was planned and I ended the relationship FYI
SweetLady:  You stupid rasist bitchs hole lot of you be side ‘InSync: ’ who tells 100% truth.
InSync: to ‘Charlie2233’ DENIAL ain’t a river in Africa
InSync:  Jeez ‘SweetLady’ take some friggin English lessons will you? You’re an embarrassing ally.
Jane: Don’t worry everyone ‘Charlie2233’ has a Trust Fund.
InSync: Thank god someone else with a pulse is back.
SuperWoman:  And ‘SweetLady ’ isn’t so sweet.
Charlie2233: I don’t have a TF actually
InSync: So blackmail the CEO and threaten to take dc to Golf Club in CT
SweetLady:  Now I know you r all rasists on this site even ‘InSync ’ but what do I expect?
InSync : Listen ‘SweetLady’ I’ll pay for your English lessons
Jane: And I’ll pay for the Green Card.

In the next blog mothers write about negative Nannies.