Moms Blog … Part 3

In this excerpt from my book “The Nanny Time Bomb” I explore what mothers have observed and think about negative Nanny types. The opinions expressed do not reflect the opinion of the author. All entries adapted from a popular blog for mothers. Names and identities and some content have been modified.

Moms Blog: Part 3
Thread subject: ‘Bad Nannies’

Talitha: Was in WS Park and saw a bunch of obese lazy Nannies yapping on their cells and kids doing all kinds of terrible stuff – I have to go back to work soon – one dc – am terrified
How-It-Is: So stay home and open a Nanny detective agency
Buttercup: Nanny Cam
How-It-Is: DUH They don’t work in parks unless your dh works for Homeland security and you get to bug the entire neighborhood
SuperWoman: Nanny Cams don’t work in parks

LisaH: Take a day off work and follow your new Nanny
Anna: Morbidly curious (my dc’s go to WS Park) what did you see?
Talitha: Unattended children some as young as 12 months kids strapped into strollers crying  kids knocking other kids off rides dirty kids one baby pushed down huge slide on own was clearly terrified Nannies were laughing
How-It-Is: OMG was that ‘Anna ’ your baby on the slide?
LisaH: Two words Daycare
Anna: Not funny
How-It-Is: That’s one word and they’re plague pits
Buttercup: Not all Nannies are like that
Talitha: Where do I find a good Nanny?

Tina: I recommend a good Nanny agency costs a stack upfront but is well worth the investment.
Lori: I found my excellent Nanny on ****’s List
LisaH: Try to get a good Nanny for years 0-3 then a good Daycare facility 3 :1 ratio is best
InSync: Do you ‘LisaH ’ own a Daycare by any chance?
Buttercup: Nanny with Nanny Cam
How-It-Is: But not (a Cam) in the park unless it’s attached to a slide

Lori: Get a good Nanny
Jane: DUH. Priceless advise Lori.
Talitha: Thanks everyone

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Posting on a ‘mom’ blog can be like diving into a pool of piranhas. But such sites grant a valuable forum in which moms can vent about inattentive husbands, irritating friends and troublesome Nannies. Popular ‘Mom’ blogs also allow a fascinating insight into the highly sophisticated lives of urban mothers. Most mothers want to pay their Nannies more but are tethered by domestic economics. A few moms are catty and contribute little except an element of devilment to the entries. Truly heart wrenching are those moms who try to be all for all and who end up inevitably emotionally vanquished as a result.
Today’s mothers struggle with family commitments, social engagements, work duties and the economy. Sometimes a mother’s final reserve of energy has been used and their last nerve tried. It’s at this point that some Nannies feel put upon unfairly by their employer. 
In my next blog  I interview an undocumented worker called Samantha.