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This is an excerpt from my book “The Nanny Time Bomb” as a consequence the blog entries have been edited. The identities below are fictional and some content has been altered to ensure privacy. This blog will be published in three parts.

I had interviewed three mothers about childcare. It proved somewhat illuminating but I still didn’t feel as though I’d gone deep enough into the working mom’s world. So I posed as a mom on a mother’s blog page, and I complained. Then I watched the ‘reply’ entries like an addict over days and weeks. Sometimes I posted as a ‘working mom’ or a ‘stay home mom’ to open up a conversation on a particular subject. While I have adapted the sampled entries from the website, I retained the thread, sentiment and idiosyncratic flavor. Above each set of entrants I have provided the ‘subject matter’ discussed.

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Moms Blog: Part 1
Thread subject: ‘Interviewing a Nanny’


Tina: When u interview wot turns u off a Nanny?
          Sally1975: Beer breath
                                    Kiara: Overweight
QueenofTroy: Annoying personality to start with
Rosie: Bad English
Katie: Being overweight doesn’t make someone a bad Nanny.
Jane: Shifty eyes
 Kiara: No it makes them a fat Nanny
Tina: I just interviewed one who didn’t even look at dc is this a bad sign?
QueenofTroy: DUH
Sally1975: So a prospective Nanny has to start ‘goo-gooing’ with dc as soon as she walks in?
Kiara: ZZZ She’s there for a job with kids ????
                            Lori: You want someone who is good with kids
QueenofTroy: Not animals
Katie: Good thing they don’t judge moms on the same criteria
                                                Kiara: Are you a fat Nanny?
Tina: I see that all the time in parks Nannies just sitting around not caring.
Jane: Boo Hoo so stay home
Katie: I’m neither
Lori: Gut instinct” is this person warm? Will she be nurturing?

In the next blog, moms write about other moms.