Tax Reform Now! Part 3

Today as the childcare system stands, anyone can pose as a Nanny and within 24 hours be in sole charge of a child. This fact places working parents – already under pressure – into the position of vetting possible candidates themselves. But background checks will not weed out 100% of potential child abusers, or, low-performance Nannies. References can be faked.  Personal ID can be counterfeit. Police checks scan databases of convicted documented workers and/or citizens only. How many  low-performance or abusive Nannies simply slip through the net? 
If federal government implemented a National Nanny Register with one database of information shared by agencies and parents alike, this could expedite the search for a high-grade Nanny. A National Nanny Register could also include those caught and suspended for poor conduct perhaps with a photograph of the offender included. Nannies who have served time or been dismissed for child cruelty would also be listed under an “offender’s section”. 
 A 1-800 national hotline could be set up to take anonymous calls reporting abuse by bad Nannies. Any allegation would be subject to a full independent investigation using credible evidence so as to avoid witch-hunts, blackmail attempts or malicious false claims.  Last but not least, a National Nanny register could liaise with the INS to provide temporary Nanny visas for the millions of undocumented workers who enter the USA annually to work in childcare.
Are working families asking too much? In an age of global terrorism and economic melt down has federal government got the time or the budget to commit to  tax reform and a National Nanny Register? And, how could the government get Nannies to register?