Source material : Alison Gopnik ‘The Philosophical Baby’

“The very fact of childhood – our long protected period of immaturity – plays a crucial role in this human ability to change the world and ourselves… In another sense the prefrontal cortex is the most active part of the brain during childhood, it constantly changes throughout those years, and its final form depends heavily on childhood experience.

The powers of imagination and learning during childhood provide us with the information that we adults use to plan and control our behavior intelligently… All the processes of change, imagination, and learning ultimately depend on love. Human caregivers love their babies in a particularly intense and significant way. That love is one of the engines of human change.

It isn’t just that without mothering humans lack nurturance, warmth, and emotional security. They would also lack culture, history, morality, science, and literature. “

Are modern Nannies able to fill the gap between low-grade childcare and working parents? I believe with the right administration, structure and training, that they can. Please join the debate on modern childcare. This blog is based upon my book ‘The Nanny Time Bomb’.