An over view of the childcare industry.

Excerpt from ‘The Nanny Time Bomb’ c 2009

 Here is where childcare stands in 2010:

Struggling working families budget childcare needs often to the detriment of early child development; Nannies receive low pay, work long hours without benefits; a power play occurs between the rich employer and the poor employee; an under-class of undocumented and unprotected workers is created and perpetuated.

Working parents obtain no credible childcare support from federal government; they can experience guilt/denial for hiring a Nanny; the modern family is subject to a busy, hectic lifestyle; a lack of professional structure in the home between employer and employee can cause disrespect for the Nanny in a home.

Modern children have sophisticated needs; frustrated, children are the first victims of low-grade or inconsistent childcare, they can become angry with their parents for working full-time; angry with a Nanny for simply being there; they may disrespect a Nanny due to her ethnicity or economic status through learned social behavior. They may exhibit signs throughout their adult lives of low-quality childcare.

Nannies work in an unregulated industry. Some Nannies are undocumented, untrained economic migrants who leave biological children ‘back home’ to take poorly paid jobs in the USA. Undocumented Nannies undercut wages for legal professionals in the Nanny market.

The USA operates under draconian tax laws. There is a lack of direct financial assistance to working families, and out-dated visa programs that do not accommodate foreign childcare workers.

Corporate America is dominated by archaic corporate structures that offer 9-5 hours and or operate few in-house programs that benefit employee parents directly. Some companies continue to discriminate against working mothers covertly.
The following sections explore probable outcomes to be expected if the current childcare crisis continues.