FOOD = MOOD (Part 4) helpful food tips

Organic food is grown without the use of pesticides. Pesticides are classed as toxic chemicals and if consumed in high doses pesticides create problems like brain cancer, breast cancer, childhood leukemia, behavior problems, ADHD, learning disabilities, abnormalities, and reproductive problems.
Pesticides are not just sprayed directly onto our food. Pesticides are environmental chemicals that leak into our water supplies. Children are at a far greater risk of developing diseases linked to chemical exposure than adults. Childhood brain cancer and leukemia have increased by 50% since 1975. Autism diagnoses have increased 10 times since the 1980’s. Anything non-organic has been sprayed with pesticides and has grown in pesticide-contaminated soil.
In one test study published in October 2002 (Environmental Health Perspectives) children were divided into two groups. One group ate mostly conventional foods and the other group ate mostly organic foods. All urine was screened from both groups for 24 hours. Children who ate conventional foods had 9 times the levels of pesticides in their bodies compared to the group who ate mostly organic foods. At such high levels pesticides posed a grave health risk to those children. Buying organic as often as possible is preventative medicine and it’s never been easier. 1
Anything that we eat now – including burgers, fries and shakes – is available organically. Organic food can be found at local farmer’s collectives and health stores. Most supermarkets now routinely stock ‘organic’ produce such as grains, vegetables, dairy and meats. If our high street supermarket does not sell organic goods we can speak to the store manager and request an organic range.
Extra-fussy eaters?
It is totally possible to give children want they crave without poisoning their bodies and minds. Ice cream, cookies, fries, hotdogs, pancakes, chips, burgers and candy can be bought or created using organic ingredients. Balanced healthy exciting meals are within reach. While I encourage everyone to seek out local food collectives and farmer’s markets first, I also recognize that a lot of working parents want a quick link to healthier eating. Here are three magic web sites:

These sites offer home delivery and recipe guides. Here’s a selection from Wholefoods that are mouth watering:

Blueberry Cornmeal Waffles
Vegan French Toast
Millet Breakfast Cereal with Mandarin Oranges & Dates
Apple Cheddar Quesadillas
Beanie Weenie Lunch
Citrus Kissed Chicken Fingers
Baked-Not-Fried Eggplant Parmesan
Chicken Fingers with Steamed Buttered Baby Carrots and Rice
Grilled Vegetables with Feta on Couscous
Chocolate Earth Balls
Fruit Yoghurt Pops
Crispy Cashew Rice Treats
If you would like some simpler ideas I recommend this website:
Dr Laura organizes ‘familiar basics’ that are easy to prepare like:
(ingredients : organic)
Chicken/turkey (baked/broiled)
mashed organic potatoes/organic brown rice,
steamed organic vegetable or organic salad.
Spaghetti with tomato sauce/pesto, oil/garlic,
veggie meatballs,
wheat free garlic bread,
Baked macaroni and cheese,
oven ‘fried’ chicken or fish, green peas or corn.
Meat loaf (using meat or alternatives, lentil or bean) mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables.
Hamburger (using meat or beans), organic fried potatoes, spelt, gluten free, whole grain buns.
Omelet (Good place to hide veggies)
(Brain foods) Salmon, broiled with lemon dill sauce, steamed carrots and zucchini.