I wanted to concentrate for a few blogs on the health of children, in terms of nutrition, ailments and allergies.  Behind the scenes I am soliciting endorsements for my book “The Nanny Time Book” and there have been some very encouraging developments of late. Wish me luck!
One area where allergies are generated is a child’s environment. The obvious offenders are: lead paint, damp, air conditioners, household dust, cat and dog dander. But here are some more insidious causes of childhood allergies: cooking gas, chemicals in cleaning agents and disinfecting agents, paint thinner and remover, and carbon monoxide produced from idle cars. (Especially if the building has an underground garage)

There is a very simple solution to creating a home that doesn’t hazard your children’s health.  You can begin by opening windows. Ventilating your house or apartment with fresh air in all weathers – daily – will help clear away lingering harmful particles.  Throw away old carpets and rugs and expose wooden floors. Shake your children’s bed linen everyday and change the sheets weekly.  Buy a vacuum and clean your surfaces using environmentally friendly products. Last but certainly not least make sure your children brave the elements and get fresh air and exercise every day.

Healthy children are happier!