2nd Author Linda Atkins Endorses “The Nanny Time Bomb”.

Linda Atkins was born in Boston, Massachusetts. She is a practicing psychoanalyst, and she has won several awards for her professional publications. She has two children, Samantha and Benjamin. Linda Atkins lives in Greenwich Village, New York City with her husband, Jerry and their Labrador Retriever, Guinness.

Linda Atkins writes:

The Nanny Time Bomb, is a must read for anyone who has ever left their child in the care of a baby sitter or Nanny.  The author’s careful attention to a child’s basic developmental needs and how these needs are met or thwarted pulls parents out of denial and into paying long needed attention to what actually can and does happen when the parent closes the door and leaves the child in the care of another.
Because of her own experience as a Nanny who has insider information and experience, all Nannies come to life with their own needs, resentments, styles of adapting to their life situation.  In so introducing us to all kinds of Nannies she brings the reader to a more careful consideration of the Nanny/child couple and the child’s experiences as half of this couple.  It is clear from reading this book that many children suffer and miss out on the developmental experiences that will help them grow into healthy, happy adults.
This author makes the much needed case that in a society where Nannies are exploited our most beloved and most vulnerable children suffer the consequences.  Her advocacy for the creative of measures to insure fairer treatment of Nannies is not only timely, but also critical.
The Nanny Time Bomb is a welcome, creative addition to the childcare field.

Linda Atkins

NY psychoanalyst
Author of Jamaica and Me