Nanny Caught in Abuse Case blames Parents

Babysitter Still In Jail On Battery Charge

Police: 53-Year-Old Seen On Nannycam Video Slapping, Kicking Baby

POSTED: Monday, March 22, 2010
UPDATED: 7:17 am EDT March 23,2010
A Mandarin babysitter remains in jail on a charge of child battery nearly a week after a father went to police saying he had nannycam video that showed the woman beating his young son.Jeannine Campbell, 53, is being held on $75,000 bond. She’s been in jail since Wednesday.Her next court appearance is scheduled for March 31.Channel 4 contacted Campbell’s attorney last week, but he had no comment on the charges. Police said the nannycam video shows disturbing scenes of an 11-month-old boy being slapped, kicked and knocked over with a ball last Tuesday morning.
When questioned after her arrest, Campbell admitted her actions “looked bad.” She admitted slapping, hitting and throwing things at the boy. Prosecutor Jessica Trudeau said she has heard a lot of reasons for abuse from suspects. Police said Jeannine Campbell told them that she hit the baby because she was mad at his parents.”I think that excuse is absolutely ridiculous for a grown woman entrusted to — that excuse is absolutely ridiculous, it angers me,” Trudeau said.
The family said Campbell was referred to them through friends and she listed her main employer as a local church. “This is coming from someone you would’ve never thought, coming out of this lady. But the video doesn’t lie,” that father said.
Blog comment: Thankfully this is a rare event and most Nannies do not act in this manner. However, as previously stated on this blog, the way Nannies are treated by employers does impact the quality of childcare provided. The employer/employee dynamic always impacts the family as a whole. If Nannies are viewed and treated with respect this filters down.