Nannies of Color (part 4) One protagonist’s journey

(Quoted from: The True Nanny Diaries)

Contin’d …

Part 4

Today she walks the streets of New York marveling at the fact that she beat the odds and didn’t end up with a thwarted dream. Her book is in hot demand and a bestseller among nannies. ’Nannies are seeking it out. Many people say it’s about time. The response is heart-warming because Caribbean women have been working together as nannies for decades.’
Her only disappointment is the difficulty of marketing the book to African-American women. ’I was told I would have to change the name of the book. It’s too painful an experience for African American women who had to suckle those white babies at their breast.’
Eight years ago, she changed her name and now goes only as Nandi to celebrate her new found consciousness and African heritage. ’When I worked in Canada, Italian men would always comment how my name Bianca meant white in Italian and it really bothered me.’ And she no longer walks the streets with a stroller, hiding behind herself. ’It was my dance with destiny for this book to happen.’
She has stepped out of her shadow and walks tall as a self published novelist, respected playwright and a woman who has shared the true story of nannies; bringing the world face-to-face with an interesting New York City phenomenon.
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