Change is coming …

Dear friends within childcare – everyone,
Change is in the air.Whether it is in the Middle East or Japan, things are being stirred up to the point where we as a species cannot ignore them anymore. 2011 promises to be a year of revelation. What change can we expect? Global national and personal? Changes we help to bring about – changes forced upon us? Evolution is a force that will not be impeded. Archaic thought patterns and systems of operation are going to be swept away by a force of human revolution. Hold onto your hats.
The industry of childcare will be changed. It is a matter of time.
Working parents today face enormous economic pressures just to pay a mortgage and provide health insurance for their families. Childcare workers continue to work long hours with low pay. Much of the childcare labor force is designated as unskilled and yet caring for another human being in its early years is probably one of the most important vocations on the planet. Our values are upside down.
It’s time to change ….
This blog is dedicated to change. Periodically I do a FOLLOWERS drive. This is because the more people who sign up to FOLLOW this page the greater leverage I have with editors and media people alike. Blogs can go viral if a tipping point is reached.
So … if you feel so inclined – do hit FOLLOW – if you haven’t already, either through FACEBOOK or GOOGLE. The more of us that stand together – parents and childcare workers alike – the more we can cause the change we wish to see in the world. 
It begins with us on every level – change is coming. 
Thank you
Nanny X