Parent’s lament: Summer nannies have it sweet

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A survey out this morning has detected a new work-related malady — nanny envy.
The survey’s key finding: The majority of working parents get envious of their children’s nannies during the summer.
Its may be a seasonal condition, suggests a national survey commissioned, a Waltham-based website that aims to be key source for families seeking trustworthy child care.
In an online survey of 500 adult parents conducted from April 4 through May 9, 58 percent of respondents reported feeling envious frequently, often, or sometimes, while nearly 11 percent said they always felt envious, said in a press release.
“I am not at all surprised by the findings,” Wendy Sachs, editor in chief of, said in a press release.  “When my nanny texts me that she’s at the pool with my kids eating ice cream and I am at work, I’ve felt envious.  You want your nanny to be enthusiastic about playing outdoors and going to the pool, but parents want to be there too.  After all, it’s summer.”