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Is Sarah Jessica Parker Calling In Help To Help Control Her Crazy Twins?

We all know and love Sarah Jessica Parker, especially when she’s playing her role as writer, Carrie Bradshaw, in Sex and The City. But in reality, the obstacles of Carrie’s love life differ from SJP’s obstacles with motherhood.

Sarah Jessica Parker and hubby, Matthew Broderick were doing just fine with a nanny for several hours a day, but sources say that they need more help!
SJP has 8-year-old son, James and twin girls, Marion and Tabitha, who happen to be going through their ‘terrible twos.’ For all the Mommies out there, you know how difficult that can be, but imagine having twins!
“The twins have wicked tempers, fight with each other and their brother, and are fussy over food and sleeping issues,” a friend of the actress tells In Touch.
Between taking care of her kids and promoting her new film, I Don’t Know How She Does It, SJP is only running on four hours of sleep! We really don’t know how she does it!
“Up until now, Sarah and [husband Matthew Broderick] have prided themselves on not having live-in help, relying on just one nanny to come several hours each day,” the friend added. “But now the twins are just too much to handle on their own. So she is smart enough to get the help she needs.” Don’t worry SJP; you’ll get through those terrible twos!