It’s the holidays and I’ve just been laid off. Son las vacaciones y acabo sido despedidos. Ito ang opisyal at ako ay inilatag off.

by Nanny X

It’s the holidays and you’ve just received the email that all Nannies dread.

“Dear … Hope your holidays are going great. While we have always regarded you as a member of our family … Our situation has changed … (fill in the blanks) my wife lost her job, our school fees went up, we’ve opted for daycare, bla bla … and we no longer need your services. Thank you for all your hard work. All the best … We think it’s best you don’t see the children. Here are some photos for you to keep. Good Luck ! 😉 “
One Nanny I know – a wonderful, warm compassionate woman, was simply told she was no longer the best match for a precocious 7 year old (even though she had cared for him since birth, and they had a second child, an infant of 8 months). The implication was that she was not up to par educationally. This information was delivered out of the blue. The Nanny was left heart-broken and insulted, dumped as casually as the Christmas trees that litter the pavements in January. Another Nanny was taken on vacation with the family and let go when they returned to the USA. Her two weeks of vacation pay was with-held.
Here are some questions: what do you do (as a Nanny) to prevent/minimize this type of treatment? What can you do if you need to let your Nanny go?
Your first line of defense is to work ‘on the books’ that is by having your tax declared, either by yourself, or by your employers. Get a contract even if you began the job without one, in the agreement indicate when you will paid and how much notice you require before being dismissed. It can be anywhere between 2-4 weeks, depending on how long you have worked with the family. Stay relevant to the family. Be flexible, offer different services such as more housework, running errands, etc, if the children are in school longer and you are still on a full-time wage. Consider a Nanny-share. Communicate with your employers.You are both in a relationship. Do not wait for them to make changes that are unavoidable. If they are struggling financially it makes sense for you to work with them to make your services more affordable. Ultimately you are responsible for your own career. No employer owes you one. So be prepared.
If you are undocumented acquire more employers. Never work for just one family. You should avoid ‘live-in’ work with one employer. This places you in too vulnerable a position. Ideally look for work part-time and always stay in touch with previous employers. They will be able to provide you with valuable references. Keep your options open. If a better job opens up, take it. Ask to be paid mid-week. This will help to prevent being deprived of a week’s wages. Never surrender your passport. Never be intimidated by an employer’s threat to inform the INS (US immigration agency) if they report you, they will also be investigated. It is generally an idle threat. Keep evidence that you worked over a period of time for an employer. This will help to prove that they hired you knowing your status. If you are reported to the INS immediately contact:

You may have the greatest Nanny in the world but ultimately there comes a time when her services are no longer required. Or perhaps your partner suddenly loses their job, or someone falls ill. Changes occur sometimes beyond our control. So how can you navigate a dismissal compassionately? Here are some tips:
Give notice. Most employers will see changes looming on the horizon. It may be that your youngest child has been accepted into pre-K, and so you will not need your Nanny full-time in three months time. You may realize that your own job contract is ending at the year’s end. You may have noticed that your domestic accounts are not balancing out, and that you need to make cuts. These are the realities of life. As an employer your responsibility is to give sufficient notice to your employee. Generally that can be between 2-4 weeks.
Give due compensation: If you release a Nanny over the holidays provide her with at least a week’s extra wages to cover the vacation period. It will be extremely difficult for her to find a new employer during the holidays. Be aware of what an extra burden that places upon her. If she has served your family for many years consider additionally providing severance pay, generally a month’s wages.
Communicate: It’s easier to avoid confrontation by procrastinating until the situation becomes unmanageable. Change need not involve guilt. You and your Nanny are bound by a mutual contract. It is not an act of disloyalty to terminate an employee’s contract of service. So stay clear and focused. Sit down with your child’s Nanny and explain to her why things must change. Provide time away from the children to do this.

Facilitate employment opportunities for her: If possible preempt a Nanny’s dismissal with a credible solution such as reducing her hours and offering a ‘Nanny-share’ with another parent/family. Post an ad for her on a childcare site. Talk to other families who may need a new Nanny.

Be willing to be a positive referee: Are you willing to meet with the new employers of your Nanny? Or speak with them over the telephone? Recommending your Nanny to prospective clients will make her more a attractive candidate in the childcare market.

It’s never an easy thing: to be let go or to let go. But with foresight it needn’t be a winter horror story.


Translations: Spanish, Filipino

Son las vacaciones y que acaba de recibir el correo electrónico que todos tememos niñeras.

“Querido … Espero sus vacaciones van muy bien. Aunque siempre hemos considerado como un miembro de nuestra familia … Nuestra situación ha cambiado … (llene los espacios en blanco) a mi esposa perdió su trabajo, nuestros derechos de matrícula fue arriba, hemos optado por la guardería, bla bla … y ya no necesitan sus servicios. Gracias por todo su duro trabajo. Todo lo mejor … Creemos que lo mejor es no ver a los niños. Aquí se algunas fotos para que usted tenga buena suerte;.!) “

Una niñera sé – una mujer maravillosa, cálida compasión, era simplemente dijo que ya no era el mejor partido de una preciosa niña de 7 años de edad (a pesar de que había cuidado de él desde su nacimiento, y que tuvo un segundo hijo, un niño de 8 meses). La implicación era que ella no estaba a la altura de vista educativo. Ella era simplemente dejar ir como los cientos de árboles de Navidad que abandonó la basura las aceras en enero. Otra niñera fue tomada de vacaciones con la familia y dejar ir a su regreso a los EE.UU.. Sus dos pf semana el pago de vacaciones fue con portátil.

Aquí hay algunas preguntas: ¿qué hacer (como una niñera) para prevenir / minimizar este tipo de tratamiento? ¿Qué puede hacer si usted necesita que su niñera ir?

Su primera línea de defensa es el trabajo “en los libros”, es decir por tener sus impuestos declarados, ya sea por usted mismo, o por sus empleadores. Obtener un contrato, incluso si usted comenzó el trabajo sin una, en el acuerdo de indicar cuando usted va a recibir y cuánto tiempo de anticipación se requiere antes de ser despedido. Puede ser en cualquier lugar entre 2-4 semanas, dependiendo de cuánto tiempo han trabajado con la familia. Seguir siendo relevantes para la familia. Ser flexible, ofrece diferentes servicios tales como más tareas domésticas, hacer mandados, etc, si los niños van a la escuela más tiempo y que todavía están en un salario de tiempo completo. Considere la posibilidad de una niñera-acción. Comuníquese con su employers.You están en una relación. No espere a que ellos hagan cambios que son inevitables. Si están teniendo problemas financieros que tiene sentido para usted trabajar con ellos para hacer que sus servicios sean más asequibles. En última instancia, usted es responsable de su propia carrera. Ningún empleador le debe una. Así que esté preparado.

Si usted es indocumentado adquirir más empleadores. Nunca se debe trabajar para una sola familia. Usted debe evitar “en vivo en el” trabajo con un empleador. Esto te coloca en una posición muy vulnerable. Lo ideal es buscar trabajo a tiempo parcial y estar siempre en contacto con los empleadores anteriores. Ellos serán capaces de proporcionarle referencias valiosas. Mantener sus opciones abiertas. Si un mejor trabajo abre, tómelo. Pregunte a pagar a mediados de semana. Esto ayudará a evitar la privación de salario de una semana. Nunca se deje intimidar por sus empleadores informar al INS (inmigración de EE.UU. agencia) si te informe, que será en más problemas, ya que contrató a una persona indocumentada. Por lo general, una amenaza en vano. Mantener evidencia de que haya trabajado durante un período de tiempo para un empleador. Esto ayudará a demostrar que contrató a que usted lo sepa su estado. Si se informa al Servicio de Inmigración de inmediato en contacto con:

Ito ang mga opisyal at lamang na natanggap ang email na ang lahat ng Nannies kasindak-sindak.

“Minamahal … Sana ang iyong mga pista opisyal ay pumunta mahusay. Habang palagi naming regarded bilang isang miyembro ng aming pamilya … Ang aming mga kalagayan ay nagbago … (fill in sa blanks) aking asawa nawala ang kanyang trabaho, ang aming paaralan bayad nagpunta up, kami sumali para sa daycare, bla bla … at hindi na namin kailangan ang iyong mga serbisyo. Salamat sa iyo para sa lahat ng iyong mahirap trabaho. Ang lahat ng mga pinakamahusay na … tingin namin na ang pinakamahusay na hindi mo makita ang mga bata. Narito ang ang ilang mga larawan para sa iyo upang panatilihin ang good luck;!) “

Isang nars Alam ko – isang kahanga-hanga, mainit-init na mahabagin babae, ay lamang sinabi niya ay hindi na ang pinakamahusay na tugma para sa isang maagang umunlad na 7 taong gulang (kahit na siya ay cared para sa kanya dahil kapanganakan, at sila ay nagkaroon ng pangalawang bata, ang isang sanggol ng 8 na buwan). Pagkakasangkot Ang ay na siya ay hindi hanggang sa par maaral. Lamang niya ay ipaalam sa pumunta tulad ng mga daan-daan ng mga inabandunang mga puno Pasko na magkalat ang mga pavements noong Enero. Isa pang nars ay kinunan sa bakasyon sa pamilya at ipaalam sa pumunta kapag sila ay nagbalik sa Estados Unidos. Kanyang dalawang linggo pf vacation pay ay may-gaganapin.

Narito ang ilang mga katanungan: kung ano ang gagawin mo (bilang isang nars) upang maiwasan ang / minimize ng ganitong uri ng paggamot? Ano ang maaari mong gawin kung kailangan mong ipaalam sa iyong nars pumunta?

Ang iyong unang linya ng depensa ay upang gumana ‘sa sa mga libro’ na ay sa pamamagitan ng pagkakaroon inyong tax ipinahayag, alinman sa pamamagitan ng iyong sarili, o sa pamamagitan ng iyong employer. Kumuha ng isang kontrata kahit na nagsimula sa trabaho na walang isa, sa kasunduan ipahiwatig kung kailan babayaran mo at kung magkano ang abiso bago mong nangangailangan na-awas. Ito ay maaaring saanman sa pagitan ng 2-4 na linggo, depende sa kung gaano katagal mo na nagtrabaho sa pamilya. Manatiling may-katuturang mga pamilya. Maging nababaluktot, nag-aalok ng iba’t ibang mga serbisyo tulad ng karagdagang gawaing-bahay, tumatakbo errands, etc, kung ang bata ay sa paaralan na at ikaw ay pa rin sa isang buong-oras na pasahod. Isaalang-alang ang nars-ibahagi. Makipag-usap sa iyong employers.You ay parehong sa isang relasyon. Huwag maghintay para sa kanila upang gumawa ng mga pagbabago na ay hindi maiwasan. Kung sila ay struggling financially ito ang akma para sa iyo upang gumana sa mga ito upang gawing mas abot-kayang ang iyong mga serbisyo. Huli ay ikaw ang mananagot para sa iyong sariling karera. Employer Walang owes ka ng isa. Kaya maging handa.

Kung ikaw ay undocumented kumuha ng higit pa employer. Huwag kailanman trabaho para sa isa pamilya lang. Dapat mong maiwasan ang ‘mabuhay-in’ na sa isa employer. Ito lugar sa masyadong mahina ng isang posisyon. Kainaman hitsura para sa trabaho ng part-time at laging manatili sa ugnayan sa mga nakaraang employer. Sila ay magagawang magbigay sa iyo ng mahalagang mga sanggunian. Panatiliing iyong mga pagpipilian bukas. Kung ang isang mas mahusay na trabaho bubukas up, dalhin ito. Magtanong na babayaran kalagitnaan ng linggo. Ito ay makakatulong upang maiwasan na deprived ng sahod sa isang linggo. Huwag intimidated sa pamamagitan ng iyong mga employer sa ang INS (US immigration ahensiya) kung ulat ka nila, sila ay sa higit pa sa pag-sapagkat hindi nila tinanggap ng isang tao undocumented. Ito ay karaniwang isang idle pagbabanta. Sa inyo na lang na katibayan na kayo ay nagtrabaho sa loob ng isang panahon ng oras para sa isang employer. Ito ay makakatulong upang patunayan na sila tinanggap mo alam ang iyong katayuan. Kung ikaw ay iniulat sa INS agad contact: