What do you do when your child’s babysitter calls out sick and you can’t miss work?

by Nanny X

It isn’t an ideal situation. Early Monday morning you receive a message from your Nanny stating she is unwell. You have an hour or two at best to arrange childcare. You have a vital meeting at work that simply cannot be missed. What do you do?
Hindsight is 50/50. So ideally when you hire a Nanny be sure to include a back-up plan to cover sick days, her vacation and certain holidays. This could be a local ‘in a pinch’ sitter agency. It could be a neighbor or a stay at home mom. It could be a retired relative or a friend, relative or a friend’s Nanny. Try to use a different Nanny at weekends or evenings, that way you may be able to juggle your schedule over two Nannies. Have a policy of ‘early notice’. Ask your Nanny, if possible, to let you know the night before, if she is unable to come into work.
Emergency cover:
Trusted ‘mom’ neighbor
The Nanny of a close friend
A Nanny in your building whom you’ve come to observe and trust
A reputable local ‘in a pinch’ agency: http://www.nypinchsitters.com

The Golden Rule
If you ask a local Nanny to watch your child be sure to pay her for her time and let her employer know in advance.

Return the favor?
Ask your Nanny if she would be open to ‘helping another mom out’ if need be, and that way you’ll be able to create a small but effective cooperative childcare community.