Imagine being this girl’s Nanny?


Madonna and Lourdes

Madonna says she has “no authority” over how her teenage daughter Lourdes dresses. Picture: AP
MADONNA has revealed she has “no authority” when it comes to how her daughter Lourdes, 15, dresses.
“If I say to my daughter, ‘That outfit is a little bit too risqué or revealing’ she looks at me and says, ‘That’s rich coming from you,’” Madonna told UK talk show host Graham Norton yesterday.
“She is always sneaking into my dressing room and borrowing things when I am still sleeping. My nanny said to her the other day, ‘You’ve got to give your mother her boots back, you’ve had them for a week.’ And she said, ‘Whatever, she’ll get over it.” And I thought ‘wow, she doesn’t fear me at all.’ I don’t care about the boots, it’s the attitude. I have no authority.”
In the interview – which will air in Australia on Channel 10 on January 21 – Madonna said she sees similarities between herself and pop rival Lady Gaga.
“When I first saw her perform in a small club in Manhattan a couple of years ago I was actually really impressed by her. I thought she was really cool and she did remind me of me back in the day. I loved her rawness and there was something fresh about her and ballsy and when she spoke to the audience she sounded like she had a similar sense of humour to me, quite ironic, and I liked her. I do think she is very talented,” she said.
In another interview this week, to promote her movie W.E., Madonna recognised Gaga’s Born this Way as sounding like her own hit, Express Yourself.
This is a wonderful way to redo my song. I mean, I recognized the chord changes. I thought it was… interesting,” she said. 
Madonna will release her new album M.D.N.A. in February, telling Norton that the leaking of a demo version of the first single Gimme All Your Luvin annoyed her.
“It’s out soon, as soon as people download it by hacking into my server and leak it. It’s terrible. Why can’t people just wait and let me finish it. I keep saying to my manager, ‘Are they really my fans? If they love me so much why don’t they let me finish it and put it out when I want to put it out?’ It’s very confusing behaviour,” she said.