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Dear Nanny X,

I’m a Nanny who has been looking for work. As a result I’ve been going on a bunch of interviews – thing is, I feel like people are wasting my time. I show up, send resumes, provide ref’s get called back then at the last minute the people change their minds and say ‘oh I’ll be in touch’. This is usually because I then tell them what I charge for babysitting, which is $15 for one child and $20 for two. People say ‘oh that’s too much’ like after two interviews! I interview well, am very qualified and experienced and have always worked. I just think right now people are too used to wasting a Nanny’s time – which is precious! Not to mention travel costs. What can I do to avoid time wasters?

Louise NYC

Dear Louise,

going to interviews, providing ref’s, and going back to interview again are all part of the process of being hired. It’s your job to be available, to travel to meet a client and to devote time and resources to that end. However you can probably weed out ‘time-wasters’ by being upfront about your rate. From first email tell them your rate.

Nanny X