Monday Problem Page: My Nanny’s Boyfriend Wants to Visit But …

Dear Nanny X,
maybe I’m being paranoid but my Nanny recently asked if her boyfriend could visit her on the evenings she babysits for us. I’ve met him once, he seems okay. But something in me is screaming ‘no’. Of course there’s no real reason why he shouldn’t come spend time with her in our home. She’s a very nice college student in her mid twenties, he works for the City. I mean … what could possibly go wrong? Okay I already had the flash of them … you know what … in my bedroom. We also have two little girls and you hear such horror stories. What do you think? My husband isn’t keen about a strange guy being in our home either. But I don’t want to seem unfair. 

Ms D

Dear Ms D,

perhaps you’re fondly (guiltily) recalling all of those teenage trysts at your neighbor’s house when you were babysitting for a couple of bucks? Or then again maybe you feel that when your babysitter is working she should stay focused on the job at hand, not her cute hunky boyfriend? (Yes I’m projecting) Or maybe you just don’t like the idea of a virtual stranger being in such close proximity to your little girls when you’re not around?

The point is … it doesn’t matter … what the reason is. What matters is that you are not comfortable with it – and that’s what you tell your babysitter. 

Ps: Listen to your gut. It’s rarely wrong. 

Nanny X