Thursday Interview: Claire Marketos Parenting/Educational Consultant

Inspired Parenting

What inspired (no pun intended) Inspired Parenting?
Inspired Parenting was born after the tragic death of my second child at birth. I was required to write every day as part of my therapy and once I had written about my feelings, I began to write about issues regarding children that had always concerned me as a teacher, such as helping children through divorce, and parenting children without smacking.   I call Inspired Parenting my soul work as losing a child has given me a heightened understanding of how precious our children are. 
When did you start the company?
3 years ago- 2009
What is the ethos of Inspired Parenting?
Giving children what they need to be happy and successful.
How can this service help a parent?
I can give you practical tips that really work on any parenting or educational aspect. I can also help you create a parenting plan that will really work for you. Mostly I am here to support and guide you, especially through difficult times like divorce and death.
I would love to hear from you. Please write to me at my email address and tell me about your parenting experiences, and what you would like to know more about. I will try to answer your questions. Look out for my talks during the year, and articles I will be posting. Parenting can be fun.
Claire Marketos
Parenting/Educational Consultant
I am a qualified teacher with an honors degree in Psychology. I taught for 10 years in both Government and private schools in South Africa, and Switzerland. Spending seven years at The American International School of Johannesburg, during which time I also successfully owned and managed an Education Centre for underprivileged children. I worked as a Life Line Counselor and now consult to parents as well as writing and speaking on parenting/educational topics. My articles have featured in Moms Matter, Your Child, Living and Loving, Child Magazine, and on various parenting websites throughout the world. I have also provided expert comment for A-Plus, Clicks, RCS Lifestyle, You/ Huisgenoot Your Family Magazines and The Argus Newspaper. Several of my letters have also been published in The Star and Sunday Times Newspaper, and I contributed 2 chapters to the book Happy Years. I have appeared on several radio shows including, Metro FM, Kaya FM, and Chai FM, as well as Great Expectations on e-TV. I am the founder and director of The Inspired Parenting Website which offers free advice and information to parents on all parenting/educational aspects, as well as being a proud mom of two gorgeous children. A girl aged 14 and a boy aged 8. I am absolutely passionate about children, and really understand them. I also understand how difficult it is being a parent. Since I was a young student I have been studying child development and behavior, and I have identified what children need to be happy and successful.