Monday Problem Page: How much should I pay my Nanny on my business trip?

Dear Nanny X,

I’m a full-time working mom who recently gave birth to a second child. Occasionally I have to travel for business. Because I want to breast feed my baby but still attend the conference, etc, I’m considering asking my Nanny along. I’m swallowing the tab for travel and hotel room. DH and Granny will be with first child. Baby, Nanny and I will be staying at a beach resort for 4 days and she’ll be working for most of the days. I booked two adjoining rooms.

Questions: what else do I pay for? (dinner, snacks) how much should I pay her/hours per day? Over-night too? I’m thinking she should sleep with the baby so I get some sleep. (long story short I breast feed twice a day then supplement with formula: formula at night) What do you think?


Jess A

Dear Jess A,

get this image out of your head. 

Replace it with this: 

This is not a vacation for your Nanny. So pay for anything she needs to do her job: food, snacks, water, coffee. Remember she didn’t opt to leave her home and routine. That’s worth a little extra. So pay her her usual day rate then add an appropriate and fixed over-night fee. Discuss with her what you think is reasonable. Be sure to give her some downtime when you’re with the baby, so she gets a break too. So far as rooms go why not play it by ear? You may find that you wake naturally when your baby rouses. If your work schedule is demanding make sure you let your Nanny know that you need to get a good night’s sleep. Keep things clear and simple and you can’t go wrong. 

Nanny X