Monday Problem Page: I Think My Sitter Smokes Pot

Dear Nanny X

my wife and I employ a young lady to watch our children on weekends. She’s seems very diligent and our children enjoy spending time with her. Routinely we stay out beyond midnight. As we have a guest bedroom my wife suggested our babysitter sleep over. I saw no issue with this arrangement however we have a small terrace balcony leading from that room, and I have discovered a butt end that when smelled – smelt like marijuana. As no other person has used that room I suspect strongly that the sitter smoked it. I addressed my concern with my wife but she dismissed it saying, it was probably dropped from above by neighbors. 

Now I’m convinced our sitter is a pot head. She is far too relaxed and is always serenely happy. What do you suggest I do?

Will C

Ahem … this is NOT me or associated with this article

Dear Will,

seriously? You sound like Sherlock Holmes … you know that really posh British detective who weaves elaborate webs of exposure. He is of course a work of fiction. Here’s a fact: young people can be happy, calm and drug free. They don’t all run around with ADHD. Plus accusing someone of being a drug addict is pretty serious. If your wife doesn’t suspect your sitter of being a drug addict you might want to reconsider your own suspicions. 

On the other hand. As a loving protective father you have every right to be vigilant against unlawful behavior. In this case I would say, simply stay alert and observant. If your babysitter is in fact a ‘pot head’ her habit will rear it’s ugly head again. 

Nanny X