Weekend Reads: Being a 1% Wife is Hard Work!

…. Wurtzel states:
Being a rich mom — even with five sons, bless her heart — is not even sort of a job. Housekeepers there, servants there: it’s not just that being a wealthy wife is not work in the way that being a corporate litigator or a corporal in the Army is work, it’s that it doesn’t even involve picking up Lego pieces and putting away GI Joe dolls or much of any of the stuff that makes being a mom a job…It is not a selective position.
I feel fairly confident in saying that being married to a man like Romney is a very selective position, and it would be very hard work. She has servants for housecleaning and a nanny? Great. Her job has nothing to do with changing diapers. Her job has little to do with vacuuming. What her job, very likely, has to do with is keeping her husband happy.
Oh, I think this is a job where you get servants and nannies. You get all kinds of perks. And all you have to do in return is be perfect all the time.
I remember once having a conversation with my grandmother in which she mentioned that Paris Hilton was detestable. I asked why, and she said that Paris simply spent all her family’s money on clothes and going to parties, and never worked at anything. I pointed out that my grandmother admired, say Babe Paley or Gloria Guinness, who could be said to do the same. She stared at me for a second. “That’s very different,” she said, “those women were married.” I asked how that was different. “When you are older you will understand how well behaved you have to be for that kind of marriage.”

She was right. I do, now. And that really is the key thing – you have to be well behaved.
Or rather, you have to be behaved in the right way, which just means how your husband wants you to behave.

Look, if the money you are living off of is not yours – if you did not earn it or inherit it – then be clear, you are working for someone. If your husband is providing you with all the money you live on, you are in a situation where your husband is your boss. Now, if you hate your current job, and you do not like commuting, this seems like it might be a preferable alternative. If your boss is your husband, you probably have a nice boss. You have a boss who loves you! Who you love! That’s great. And maybe it seems wildly, unbelievably easy to make him happy.

But – let’s say you and your boyfriend are two independent people, both of you working away at your own jobs. Let’s say he does something shitty. I don’t know what you consider shitty, but whatever that is, he does it. You’d probably call him out on it, yes? You might yell at him. That seems reasonable. Maybe you’d talk to him about how upsetting that shitty thing he did was. Sure you would. That’s how you respond when your friends and equals do things you don’t like.
Would you talk to your boss that way?
No. You would not.

And I think that is where the work element comes in with women who are supported entirely by their husbands.
Try to think about all the times that you have lost your temper, or sulked, or generally behaved in a way that was not your best. Now begin to think about a world where every time you behave that way your job is simultaneously in jeopardy. The truly working aspect of this is that the person you would generally get to relax and be in a bad mood around is something that you can no longer do.
So: you have to be in a good mood.

SOURCE CREDIT: http://thegloss.com/sex-and-dating/1-percent-wife-work-ann-romney-elizabeth-wurtzel-feminism447-166/