Friday Fluff: Beverly Hills Nannies Ep 2: What’s up with Kristin?

The clever conceit behind “Beverly Hills Nannies” aside from the sitcom-like title is the show isn’t really about nannies at all, but rather the “insane requests” they field from wealthy parents in exchange for $40 an hour. As such, the show yields its share of tittering and head-shaking moments, while representing ABC Family’s tilt into territory generally associated with Bravo or TLC. Despite various creative missteps, the premise alone should help the cabler wrangle a viable Nielsen brood.” 1

Never has a truer word been spoken about a show that has clearly got a lot of professional Nannies both enthralled and appalled. The trouble is, no matter how objective I try to be as a Nanny blogger, I have to admit that I’m totally hooked on this new docu-series but then again I loved Big Brother went it first came out and Jersey Shore. In other words I junk out. 
Beverly Hills Nannies hits all the right buttons – like really bad for you but great tasting soda. First of all the locations are FABULOUS! Even the crash pads of the nannies are cool, spacious and tastefully furnished. Secondly the talent are all young fun and gorgeous. Third – yay – there’s drama and plenty of it. Fourth – and lest we not forget this – the pampered demanding 1% bosses all look and act like jerks. Hee hee haa haa. 
The drama comes thick and fast. Why does Kristin act like a Mafia Nanny Boss? I mean, really, why? Because she can cook pasta and do cartwheels? She looks and acts like a Kennedy descendent. Why did she sabotage (food poisoning … come on really?) Amber’s job with Barbie doll and the old Brit git? (I know I should find out their names but you know who I mean). 
Talking of Barbie and old Brit git – ahem – maybe the reason their child doesn’t talk properly is because mom’s too busy chirping with parakeets and can’t move her face beyond a single botoxed expression while ‘dad’ is always hovering around doing nothing with his iPad. And where did you get that speech therapist from? The Spanish Inquisition? And was it me or did she have a lisp? And why did old (creepy) Brit dad bitch to his clone about Amber talking to him? Talk about being a Prima Donna. Hey moron go and buy yourself an office!
To me Amber and Amanda seem like the most normal characters in the show. So far they’re my favorites. As for Lucy’s encounter with Princess Leia’s sister, one word : CHEAP. Yeah honey you sure look like you can’t afford $40 an hour, why don’t you drive around downtown LA and pick up a nice undocumented worker and get her to do everything for $10 an hour? Your attitudes were insulting to childcare providers everywhere and what the hell do you actually do for a living? Maybe you should trade places. 
On a serious note the one thing that hits you about this show is how utterly out to lunch the Beverly Hills 1% are. I love that the nannies bitch and whine about these morons. It’s pure entertainment and so long as no child or animal is harmed during the presentations I’m just fine watching Beverly Hills Nannies through to its finale. 
Who’s your favorite Nanny?

2: ABC Family all rights reserved 2012