Friday Fluff: TomKat divorce, marriage was over, 6 months ago

Katie Holmes claims that her marriage to Tom Cruise was “irretrievably” broken at least six months ago … something that is probably news to Tom, who was reportedly “blindsided” when she filed the paperwork in New York last week. The Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes divorce is shaping up to be contentious, especially since he didn’t see it coming, the two were reportedly walking hand-in hand in Iceland, where he’s filming his new movie, just two weeks ago.

Katie Holmes emerged from seclusion Monday, shedding remnants of her life with Tom Cruise — including her wedding ring.

In her first public appearance since she filed for divorce Thursday to save her 6-year-old daughter from the clutches of Scientology, a smiling Holmes surfaced in New York to tape a TV spot.

Along with the Cartier
diamond-studded wedding band that she had been wearing as recently as last
week, Holmes was also free of some other Cruise baggage:
She returned to her premarriage mouthpiece, Leslie Sloane
at BWR, sacking the publicist she had worked with since 2007. She fired her
husband’s security team, which had guarded her as recently as last week, TMZ
reported. According to the website, the bodyguard and driver had worked for
Cruise for years, even before he met Holmes, and had followed her every move
while in New York.
The actress was convinced Cruise planned to prep their
young daughter Suri for an early entrance into the ultra-zealous Scientology
group called Sea Org, leaving her no choice but to cut ties, TMZ reported. Holmes,
33, pulled the plug on her much-maligned marriage with a surprise filing that
seeks sole legal custody of Suri, the couple’s only child.
Her paperwork, filed anonymously,
cited “irreconcilable differences” and stated that the union broke down more
than six months ago language necessary for Holmes to use New York’s new
no-fault divorce law. Cruise,
who has been in Iceland filming his new movie “Oblivion,” a $140 million
post-apocalyptic science-fiction epic was said to have been blindsided by his
spouse’s flight.