Wednesday Opinion: TV Nannies: the Good, the Bad, the Gorgeous and the Ugly

ABC’s new show Beverly Hill’s Nannies is creating a buzz on various networks. As Nannies are becoming more visible in the media Nanny X decided it was time to review the Good, the Bad, the Gorgeous and the Ugly! 

Jo Frost hits #1 as the best media representation of what a Nanny should be: savvy, smart, affirmative and experienced, she’s also an excellent example of how a fuller figure = sexy. 

Bad Nannies that show up in the media are generally monster types, baby beaters, neglecters and thieves, and we don’t need to be looking at their mugshots, right? So I thought we’d salaciously peruse those Nannies who bed a celebrity. Nannies who do not respect professional boundaries can be a family’s worst nightmare. They give the rest of us a bad name.

Ethan Hawke & Ryan Shawnhughes

Jude Law & children, this photograph does not imply 
that the woman or Nanny  in this image has an affair  with Jude Law

ABC has given childcare’s image a real boost with it’s awesome new show Beverly Hill’s Nannies. ABC scores some major points for its diversity choice in Manny Justin Allen Sylvester, a gorgeous young African American man. But pssssst! ABC … we’d love to see more Latina, Asian and African-American women on your show! Plus a little more age and body size diversity next time!

Nominating ugly was never going to be a tough choice and as much as I love Nanny McPhee’s approach to childcare, her first impressions leave a lot to be desired.

Who’s your favorite media Nanny and why?