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Season one of Beverly Hills Nannies was a hit for ABC family. The show focused on the nannies and their relationships with their employers – the good, the bad and the ugly. One mom that definitely stood out on the show was Marika Tsircou. From organizing her breast milk to foot massages this mom wanted the best care for her and her baby. Several weeks ago we interviewed Marika’s nanny, Amanda Averill. Now Marika is sharing exclusively with Reality TV Magazine how the opportunity of being on the show literally came knocking on her door and why she hesitated at first.  Plus, learn if Marika and Justin are still speaking to each other.
RTVM:  How did you get involved with the show, Beverly Hills Nannies?
Marika:  I didn’t seek this out; it came knocking on my door.  I know, it normally doesn’t happen like that but it did for me.  Last September, the producers of Beverly Hills Nannies called to tell me how perfect I’d be for the show.  Right off the bat I told them no, I had a one month old baby and I’d gained an astonishing 65 pounds while pregnant.  I explained I’d gone from a Louboutin loving, size 0, to a pajama wearing, slipper slinging, stay-at-home mama.  And that the old Marika, they’d known, no longer existed!  I’m a mommy now and Xander is my priority and my life.  But they kept calling and eventually convinced me to shoot the pilot in November when Xander was three months old.  I dusted off my hot rollers and pulled out my makeup and went shopping for some bigger clothes. I’d been known to be funny, so I figured why not have some fun with this!
RTVM: Tell us what’s the best thing about being a Beverly Hills mom?
Marika: I love all the activities that are at our disposal. Xander is a VERY active baby; he started crawling at five months and walking at a year, so I need to keep him busy.  We take music classes, mommy and me classes and baby-gym classes. We have an amazing children’s museum in LA and so many great things for small children to do.  My mom also lives in Beverly Hills and is a huge part of our lives.  She and I are very close and we love taking Xander around town together. He loves to eat at yummy restaurants around town.  He’s very social!
RTVM: Why do you think the public is obsessed with anything involving Beverly Hills, including nannies?
Marika: I think it’s the celebrity and the money aspect of Beverly Hills that makes the public obsessed.  Even growing up here in the 70′s, I remember Starline Tour buses driving by my house and school on a daily bases and I never understood why.  I have yet to take one of those tour buses to see what kind of crazy stuff they’re saying and/or making up.  I also think it’s because people love to judge and they figure the rich and famous are an easy target!  People are obsessed with Beverly Hills Nannies because it’s a sliver into the lives of people in Beverly Hills for whom the nannies work for.  Like all reality TV, it’s a chance to see how people live that you normally wouldn’t get to see – and that’s fun and exciting.  What people don’t realize is that the same things matter to us in Beverly Hills like anywhere else, the health and happiness of our children.  Being a mom is the most important thing in my life and my baby will always come first.
RTVM: Do you agree with Ari that a nanny is the latest accessory?
Marika:  I don’t agree with her.  To me a nanny is a loving and important part of the family.  I need someone who is going to love my baby like their own for those rare times I’m going to leave Xander alone with them.  Love, experience and commitment are the most important things to me, and of course being trustworthy, honest, warm and loving.  It matters little to me whether my nanny is fancy or beautiful; all the other qualities come first.  However, the most important thing is that Xander feels comfortable with someone and I can tell within one minute of meeting someone whether they are a true baby person and whether he will like them.
RTVM: What would Amanda say is your best and worst quality as a boss?
Marika: She’d probably say my best quality is how loving and sweet I am; and how I treat her like I would my best friend. My worst quality would probably be that I’m a perfectionist and have specific ways I like things done. I just want the best for my baby, so I cook all his food from scratch.  I don’t cook for myself, but I cook for my baby.  We all make sacrifices as mothers and I need whoever is going to be in my house helping me to adopt a similar attitude of wanting the best for my baby.
RTVM: You (and your fans) seem obsessed with your “magic milk.” Are you still breastfeeding? 
Marika:  I’m not obsessed with my magic milk, as much as I’m proud of it!  I’m definitely still breastfeeding and plan to go until Xander is ready to stop. He’s currently 13 months old, I’m very excited  to nurse a toddler.  Xander is so active and running around all the time, so nursing is our special peaceful time when he loves to curl up and cuddle. Even if I were to eventually get pregnant again my dream would be to be able to be one of those super moms who is able to continue breastfeeding while prego, perhaps even tandem nursing when the next baby comes.
RTVM: Besides Amanda, who do you think is the best nanny on the show?
Marika: Of course I’m partial to Amanda and absolutely ADORE her.  I also think Lucy is great with kids. She’s very sweet and very good with Tricia’s boys and it seems like she has a lot of experience.
RTVM: You and Justin seem to have a love/hate relationship. How is your relationship currently?
Even though Justin doesn’t know the first thing about babies, he and I had great banter and always had fun hanging out while filming. At the end of the day, I think we’re funny together because we know how to push each other’s buttons.  We have a brother/sister type of relationship; one day everything is great and the next we’re at it again.  I love joking around, having a good time and making people laugh – and Justin is definitely fun to joke around with.  I just don’t appreciate it when jokes get turned into fables.  When I recently confronted him on saying something about me that he knew to be untrue in an interview, he apologized saying it was a joke.  I have forgiven him, but I truly hope he realizes that sometimes jokes can go too far and I look forward to seeing where our relationship goes.  I will always love Justin.
RTVM: Do you think Cindy has a crush on her manny, Scott?
Marika: Cindy did seem pretty hot and bothered by Scott, and rightly so! The cupcake scene was the absolute best! I love Cindy and think she’s fabulous on the show. Though I’m hoping that Scott and Amanda get together, as they would make a beautiful couple!
RTVM: Is there anything you regret doing or saying on the show?
Marika: There is really nothing I regret. It’s all in good fun.  I try not to take myself too seriously, so there’s not much to regret. I hope the audience gets my humor and I hope I was able to make people smile.
RTVM: Season one was a hit, will the viewers be able to look forward to a season two?
Marika: Hopefully there will be a season two, we are waiting to hear.
RTVM: What’s next for you? We learned you are an artist, so is there anything art-related coming down the road for fans to look out for?
Marika: Xander is my life and my focus right now. I’m a strong believer that the first years of a child’s life, before starting school, should be spent with Mommy as the main caretaker. Kyri and I would also love to have another baby and get pregnant in 2013. I’m in my art studio as much as possible (which at this point being a full-time mom only ends up being around once a week) and would love to have an art show soon. I was just commissioned to make a large scale painting for a beautiful home in West LA. It’s always a fun challenge to make a piece on commission! My artwork is such a huge part of who I am and I was said it wasn’t more prominent on Beverly Hills Nannies.
Fans of Beverly Hills Nannies also hope there is a season two.  Viewers love the glimpse into the elite lives of these Beverly Hills mothers and their nannies. To keep up with Marika and her adorable son Xander, follow her on Twitter at @MarikaTsircou.
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Photo Credit: Bobby Quillard