Monday Problem: I think my boss is watching me

Dear Nanny X,

I live and work in the City for the same family like 4 years. They have kids age 5 and 2. I work full-time with the mom who work (sic) part-time. They seem happy with my work or so I think. The other day a guy come in the apartment and he fix (sic) smoke alarm. There was no problem with smoke alarm. He put something inside and a red light it show now. I feel immediate like I am being watch (sic) like a feeling. My friend say they (employers) probably put in a camera. I think it illegal without telling me right? I feel hurt and betray. What should I do?

Angela K

Dear Angela,

the problem with hidden cameras is that they look exactly what they’re hidden in. The above is a spy camera. It looks just like a smoke detecter. Modern smoke detecters do have red lights that show battery power and functionality. So my point is: you really don’t know if your boss had a spy camera fitted.

My second point is, it’s your employer’s right to install home surveillance. Hidden cameras can be used to expose contractor theft, filial infidelity and other potential actions that may be committed in a home. They serve multiple security uses. 

But let’s say it’s a Nanny Cam. 

Why do you think your employer had one fitted? Has anything happened lately? Did the toddler get a bump on his head at the playground? Has the apartment been recently renovated? Were there a lot of contractors in and out? Has something been mislaid? 

Your paranoia is understandable, none of us likes the feeling of being snooped on, but if you have nothing to hide ignore the camera and go on about your business. Most businesses today have fitted cameras. Surveillance has become a way of life. If you believe you’re the victim of a breach in trust discuss it with your employer. Be candid – ask them ‘have you upgraded your domestic security recently, because I need to know if I am being surveilled?’ Give them the opportunity to discuss the issue with you.

You may be wrong and the smoke detector was simply upgraded. Either way it’s perfectly lawful for employers to monitor what occurs in their homes when they are absent.

Nanny X