Monday Problem: My Nanny’s too political

Dear Nanny X,

(*: I edited this letter as it was over 2 pages long – Ed)

* …. so our Nanny has begun coming into work wearing annoyingly Obama support t-shirts. The nauseating colors and inane catch phrases are capturing our smaller children’s (go figure) attention to the point where now they are talking to myself and DH about Obama. 

We are staunch Republicans and we do not believe in forcing our opinions down other people’s throats however I am getting to the point where I want to scream “I’m voting for Mitt!” while decorating our apartment in GOP streamers.

The other extremely inappropriate thing is that our sitter loves nothing better than to regale our children with impromptu civil rights history lessons (even though she is from the Caribbean) while tying  it all into the idea that Obama should be re-elected because he’s black sorry her word not mine. 

I understand that she has every right to her political opinions but should she be bringing those ideas into my home? Not sure what to do. Please help. 

Ms D

Dear Ms D,

as a person with a history in graphic design I have to admit I find the entire ‘retro’ communist and slightly Messianic stylistic tones of ‘Bama’ tees annoying myself. I mean really do we need to be reminded of Che Guevara or Chairman Mao for that matter, in Gildan double weaves? 

I digress. I’m an Independent myself and you have my sympathies as a Conservative for what passes as a GOP candidate these days. It’s true you guys must be a little twitchy up against one of the most powerful populist movement all times: Obamites. I also find them annoying. I like to remind them of all the golf their hero plays while the Middle East sizzles and how effectively Wall St plays him like a violin. 

Okay, you do have a point. Your nanny should not be wearing her political leanings on her sleeve or in this case her shirts. No wonder your kids are impressionable. Those iconic blues and reds are designed to reel in imbeciles let alone small kids. 

Here’s my advice: just tell her you’re Republicans and you need to stay neutral in your home. If (I assume you’re Caucasian) … your nanny thinks you’re an absolute bigot for being white and voting for Mitt just remind her that it is not a racially motivated election but rather one based upon sound political principals. 

Give her anything written by Adam Smith.

Nanny X