Tuesday Trends: Talking Sex Beverly Hills Style

Yes I’m back and banging on (not the best choice of word here) from my gold plated soap box about one of my favorite subjects: Beverly Hills Nannies.

You got to admire a show that has no moral qualms about rubbing cake on a semi-naked man in front of children. Mom-candy Scott Cartmill the zen beefy Aussie darling of Mannies everywhere, was thrown live into the man pit palace of Cindy Margolis – a woman who makes Ari Bellamar look like a convent girl. No doubt the makers of silk lingerie everywhere are ecstatic at how much nightwear can be worn in one day. Cindy slurs double entendres and heaves her bosoms like Betty Davis but Scott deflects even blatant maulings heroically. 
Cindy then uses the pretense of sex education for junior to tease out salacious tit-bits about Scott’s puberty years. It’s like watching some 1950’s B-movie where our man shoots his way out of the slimy grips of an alien spandex octopus with a plastic ray gun. 
Margolis plays the role of a sex-starved cougar with the subtlety of a sledge hammer to the point where it’s more comical than seductive. And one has to wonder who’s ultimately being played. Cartmill has deftly managed to survive a show that loves to hang its main characters out to dry in the LA sun. He’s versatile and yes very cute, but he’s also smart enough to emerge as a person with integrity. I see a man with a bright future ahead of him and I don’t mean PlayGirl
Catch the special finale tonight on ABC Family.