Thursday: giving thanks for the (majority of ) good nannies

Happy Thanks Giving.

It’s good to remember that despite the Krim case, 99.9% of nannies would do anything to protect your children. It’s been a tough few months, but together, we can rebuild the trust. Here’s an example of what nannies should, and do, make the news for.

Nanny X

A BABY girl, aged nine months, escaped unhurt yesterday after being pulled from an overturned car by her nanny.
The 19-year-old carer swerved to avoid another vehicle that she said was coming at her on the wrong side of the road. Emergency services said the pair were lucky to suffer only minor injuries in the incident, which saw their silver Chevrolet Matiz resting on its side in a ditch beside Route de Pulias, St Sampson’s. The nanny, who asked not to be named, was driving north with the nine-month-old girl in a child seat in the back when the incident happened. As she came around the sharp corner just before the pond, she saw a black vehicle heading towards her.  She said it struck the front of her car, sending it into the ditch. Her car landed on its side, several feet below the edge of the road.