Wednesday: Daycare worker charged with possessing child porn

The Owensboro woman charged with more than a thousand counts of child pornography is expected to face a judge on Monday. 25-year-old, Sarah Alice Cox, is accused of possessing hundreds of pictures and videos of children committing lewd acts. Kentucky State Police arrested the former daycare worker and nanny last Wednesday, but have not yet released the names of the facilities where she worked.

Michelle Cox, Sarah’s mother, told 14 News that Sarah was a victim of child pornography when she was a young child.  Michelle says relatives told her that Sarah was searching through images online in hopes of locating images of herself so she could put that dark time in her life behind.
“I don’t believe that she’s a perpetrator. I believe that she’s investigating,” Michelle said. Michelle tells us she’s just waiting for the truth.
“Granted, if anything has happened to anybody’s child in this town or anywhere, I’m sorry and I pray for them,”  Michelle said. Cox was arrested without incident at 8:30 Wednesday morning by the Kentucky State Police and Owensboro Police Department units.  She was charged and taken to the Daviess County Detention Center in Owensboro.
Cox was charged by the Kentucky State Police ICAC Task Force as a result of an undercover investigation into the possession and distribution of images of child sexual exploitation. With a warrant, detectives seized evidence that they say was being used to distribute child pornography. It was taken to the Kentucky State Police forensic laboratory for examination.