Weekend Reads: Junk out

NYC Nanny horror, then Hurricane Sandy hits the East Coast and now a second Nannymurder’ case hit the headlines. I’m sure like me you are reeling amidst all of the posts, opinions, articles and features running about nannies. I wanted to offer some lighter content. It’s junk for sure but sometimes you need it. Stay well people. Nanny X
Octomom Rehab: Nannies Say Home Is Calmer Without Her There
According to TMZ, the three nannies and two friends looking after Nadya Suleman’s children (Octomom’s parents have not been asked to assist their daughter with childcare duties) are finding it “WAY easier to do their jobs now that Octo’s gone.”
One of the children’s babysitters reportedly told the site that Suleman has been calling home twice a day from rehab, each time with specific instructions on how each child should be cared for.
While saying such advice has been helpful, the nanny adds that Octomom’s rehab break has made the house a calmer place, with nobody “constantly barking orders” in the home. The spirit of the kids has improved, insists TMZ‘s mole.
Various reports on Monday indicated that Suleman plans to spend 30 days in rehab, in a bid to treat her addiction to Xanax, a prescription drug given to the celebrity mom to help her cope with the stresses of her daily life. She is checked in at the Chapman House Drug Rehabilitation Center in Southern California.
Octomom’s rehab regime will allow her to visit her children for the first time this coming Saturday, with Suleman excited and emotional about the chance to reunite with the kids. “She’s been crying a lot,” the nanny told the site.