Thursday Interview: After the holidays, letting go of being Super Mom

Dr Daisy Sutherland, your new book (launch date August 2012) has a provocative title. What made you choose it?
This title came from an article I had written where I mentioned that I am not a Super Mom. Too often I am asked how I do it all and those asking are usually in amazement at how calm and peaceful I am with ‘everything’ that I do. I quickly assure them that I am not a super mom or want to be known as one. I would rather be thought of as a Power who understands the struggles of life but has not qualms when it comes to asking for help. 

In your opinion, why do mothers, attempt to be all things to everyone?

I truly believe we have been programmed to believe that we must be and do all for everyone. We have many titles from Mom, to wife, partner, significant other, taxi driver, counselor, teacher, chef, organizer, business woman and more. Moms think they must do it all when it reality they can be much more help to others if they focused on delegating and teaching and being the ultimate role model to their children and those around them.

Is this a relatively new phenomena? 
Oh no, this perception of being the Super Mom has been around for ages. And it is because of this perception that many relationships fail and women are completely stressed out. It takes more than one person to handle all the responsibilities of a family, business and home. 

Faith is clearly important to you, what role does it play in your day to day life?
Without my faith I’m not sure I could survive. I tried to do it all alone many years ago but realized that I was not truly a complete person without my faith. There are times that I must simply let go and truly believe that my heavenly father knows best. Did I always think this way, absolutely not, but after having children, my faith has grown stronger and stronger.

Would this book still be applicable to someone who is say, an atheist? a non-christian? a non-denominational yet spiritual person? a single dad? 
This book applies to the masses. It is a guide to the many parents who feel they must do anything and everything for their children. First I stress, that in order to achieve the balance necessary to accomplish the many responsibilities we as parents have is to take care of YOU first. Actually the order I stress, is You, then your partner, husband, or significant other and then your children. Too often parents have this order mixed up. You must take care of you first in order to take care of others. You will be useless if you leave yourself to the end. And remember your children will ultimately grow up and have families of their own and you must be able to get along with your spouse or significant other. If you have concentrated on the children first, then your relationship unfortunately will suffer. I’ve seen it happen many times and it’s truly sad. We as parents must be the ultimate role models to our children.

What are the gains of ‘letting go’? 
The gains of ‘letting go’ are huge! First off you will allow your children to make mistakes that are truly necessary. How will they learn if you are their ‘safety net’ in life. Encouragement and pride goes a long way and your children will gain more from your encouragement and truly have pride in themselves no matter how many mistakes they will ultimately make in life. 
Letting go will allow you to simply enjoy life and those around you. No one enjoys being around someone who is constantly going and going, never making time to just sit and enjoy the people around them and their surroundings. Life is too short and it truly goes by quickly when you have children. Focus on making long lasting memories and leaving a legacy behind for your children. That’s what truly matters.

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Dr. Daisy Sutherland is the Founder/CEO of Dr. Mommy Online / Dr. Mommy & Friends. She is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Author, Speaker, Radio Personality, mom to 5 beautiful children and wife to a loving a supportive super-husband. She is a sought after speaker to share her knowledge of health and wellness and how to balance it all to achieve a successful lifestyle.
Her main mission is to encourage you to achieve the balance necessary for your health, wealth and sanity with her ‘Get Real’ approach. As a Doctor her main purpose and passion is to educate people about their health. Not only how to live a healthier lifestyle but more importantly the connection of the body, mind and spirit. When all 3 are truly connected, you will ultimately, without question live a happier and healthier life.
Dr. Sutherland shares her experiences weekly on her site: Dr. Mommy Online as well as monthly on the nationally syndicated Mom Talk Radio. She can be seen gracing the stages of local churches, and conferences sharing her story with the masses. And if that was not enough, she shares her knowledge by authoring several books with the latest : Letting Go of Super Mom (Charisma House Publishing) with release date of August 7th, 2012.