Wednesday: Rumor has it … New Nanny Gossip Site Opens

At The Nanny Time Bomb we love new bloggers on the nanny block. This week we feature a brand new site begun by Miss Nanny Mill. We caught up with Miss Mill over coffee and got the scoop.

Hey Miss Mill

So what’s this new site about?
Essentially it’s a regular gossip site – so like TMZ, Perez Hilton, Starpulse, but this site’s exclusively for nannies. 

So how does it work?
If you have something to rat a celeb out on, you email us at:, and we ask three things, don’t give us a name, don’t give us your real name and don’t name the kids. Just give us the dirt.

What’s the point of being vague?
We respect someone’s right to privacy especially when it comes to their kids. We also don’t want to get sued. Having said that, with the right wording, the dirt can get out on celebs who think it’s okay to behave badly. 

Is this a West Coast blog? Thinking Hollywood. 
It’s East and West. We have scouts on either coast. 

What do you hope to achieve?
(Laughs) We want to create a more even playing field. You have blogs out there who dish dirt on bad nannies, which is cool if the nannies suck. But what about the rich people who exploit their nannies? Who are they accountable to? Generally, no one. We want people to think twice about abusing their nanny or cleaner/sitter. 

Do we know you?
(Laughs) Maybe … that’s what’s so cool about the site. You might know us. 

Why not just start a forum and let people post?
It’s going to end up that way, but for now we’d like to screen what comes in, plus we’d like to build up a safe community of sources close to the celebs. 

How much of what comes in is fabricated?
(Laughs) That’s the rub, in the beginning, we just can’t know. In the very least we’d like to leave people smiling. 

What if a nanny signed a non-disclosure form and is being treated badly?
She can still let us know. We ask that people don’t email us from their real email accounts and we never want specifics or details. Just a few juicy clues. People can vent, so long as they keep it clean and funny. Consider Nanny Mill as a valve. 

Can nannies dish and vent about bad employers who aren’t celebs?
Of course! That’s the point about Nanny Mill, it’s a hub for back chat.

You don’t have a twitter account or facebook page, and you’re pretty low profile, how come?
We want to build a real nanny community and that takes time. We scroll social media sites looking for gossip scouts and nanny mavens. Which is why we reached out to you. 

Where to find Nanny Mill?

Email Ms Mill

No names. Anonymous tips only. We don’t want your details. No cell #. No real emails. No details. Just a story. No payments (yet) for stories or whispers.