Thursday Legal: Will immigration reform help undocumented nannies?

By a New York Immigration lawyer 
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With the heated debates regarding the proposed immigration reform, and senators’ agreement on its basic concepts, the question remains: will the reform help those who do not have status and have never had one? Thousands of people live and work in the United States for decades without any hope under the current law of ever becoming “legal.” I refer to domestic workers, migrant workers, carpenters, contractors, nannies, and all those who contribute their hard work on a daily basis without being afforded immigration status. 
It seems that Obama’s proposal will include those who entered the country illegally and honestly worked and paid taxes in the United States. 
However, it is up to the public to step up and voice its vision of a free American society to include those who help in building a strong US economy. If not, many workers will remain in the shadows of immigration law. 
In the meantime, under the current laws, those who have entered the country illegally may have a hope of receiving a green card only if they satisfy standards for cancellation of removal, qualify for asylum, or are willing to take a risk and apply for a 601 waiver. 
Would you satisfy these standards? Ask our lawyer. 
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