Friday Fluff: The Kim/Kanye nanny deal $780k

By Nanny X,
As anyone plugged into nannyworld knows, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are planning to add a “nanny
wing” complete with spa onto their new home. The celeb couple pair who are expecting their first child together want to employ three full-time nannies to assist with the new arrival of their
baby, and are willing to spare no expense when it comes to treating the
employees well.
“As with everything Kim and Kanye related, they’re not
holding back,” a source said. So what is the deal?
  • Each nanny will receive a salary of around
    $260,000 per annum. 
  • They will be given a car. 
  • A new phone so that they
    can stay in contact with the new parents 24-7.
  • Nannies will live-in, having their own wing.
  • There will be a spa on the premises just for the nannies.

What does $260k buy you?
Extreme screening. This is the equivalent of working for royalty, so expect thorough backgrounds checks, invasive psychological profiling and even body fluid testing to prove that you are a clean living, sane individual. 

Time. To be fair to this couple, they are offering a very generous package while remaining transparent: this is an extremely high-end  live-in position, so nannies you will be expected to be on-call 24-7. Even if you are on a rotation, say working 7 hours out of 24, if one nanny falls sick or has an emergency, you will be required to fill in. 
Also to be considered will be the complete lack of privacy  experienced. This new baby will be one of the most pursued and photographed infants in the world. As a Kardashian/Kanye nanny, you will be subject to stringent sometimes even oppressive security protocol. 
An intense sometimes emotionally taxing working relationship. All new parents are nervous and micro-managing comes with the territory. Add to this mix, extreme wealth, a sense of entitlement and the media pressures of being culturally popular, and the potential for unprofessional behavior will naturally arise. Can you handle melt-downs, or dismissive behavior in an employer? Do you have thick skin? This couple will need you to roll with the punches and keep the family unit together. 
Lawyered up. Unlike any other family you have ever worked for, with this one you will be required to jump through legal hoops. That might mean signing away at least 12 months of your life, perhaps longer, to serve their needs. They will naturally be preoccupied with loyalty, so be prepared to sign a non-disclosure form. There will also be a healthy dose of paranoia so if you have friends in the media even blog owners, disclose this to your employers. You will need to prove that you are never going to reveal details of your life, even in a relaxed social setting. 
In conclusion, if you are fortunate enough to land this position, strive to remain positive, loyal and grounded. This family will need you to build a safe, loving environment for them. They are compensating you with an attractive salary and the ability to one day become a celebrity nanny in your own right, but think very carefully before you apply. A level of maturity and tolerance is especially needed, and your focus must always be on the good of that most privileged but media hunted child.

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