Monday Problem: Should we give our nanny a valentine’s card?

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Dear Nanny X,

I’m in a dilemma, should we give our nanny a valentine’s card? Our two boys are eight and thirteen and both balked at the idea. Our nanny is new, hired mostly as an after-school chaperon. But I think it’s important to value the people in our lives. What say you? Too weird? Nice? Should we buy her candy?

Matilda W

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Dear Matilda W,

if one is ever in a dilemma about whether to give a gift or not to give, I always think it’s better to give. People rarely reject the generous sentiment behind a gift. 

I understand that it’s probably an embarrassing gesture for boys your sons’ ages to offer a valentine’s card, but you can alleviate their suffering by making the card out to your nanny from the entire W family. Plus it’s good to teach our children the power of giving. 

Personally, I think it’s a lovely gesture to add candy. It will convey – as you so wonderfully put it – the value that you place on your nanny’s services. 

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Nanny X