Monday Problem: They cheated me over Hurricane Sandy

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Dear Nanny X,

I’ve been working for a very affluent family since 2010. The job is pretty average. I run the kids to school and back, to classes, I cook and organize play dates and cover occasional evenings. Both parents work and like I said, they’re not hurting. Example: their kids go to an expensive private school, they own a huge apartment in Manhattan and a large house in Martha’s Vineyard. I get two weeks paid vacation a year, four sick days and most public holidays. 

When Hurricane Sandy hit the City, I was unable to get to work for four days. I live in Brooklyn and there were zero trains running. If I had taken a bus, I would have been forced to take three busses. Besides it was hazardous to move around the City after the storm, there were fallen telephone lines and trees. I just stayed put but I gave them plenty of warning.

FYI: my employers were home during the Hurricane. Oh but apparently they were not able to walk like five blocks or take a cab downtown to Wall St where they’re both lucky enough to work. I’m sure their wages were not cut that week. 

When I got back to work on the last day of that week, the mom handed me my wages for that ONE day. In fact the mom even said, with a smile on her face, “Was it worth you coming in?”. No it wasn’t. But I took the money and ever since then I have been pissed. I talked to other nannies, they were paid even though they didn’t show. I guess as I didn’t mention it at the time, it’s just been eating me up. I am actively looking for another job. I feel let down and cheated by them. They’re really cheap. I don’t want to work for them anymore. 

My question is, should I give this as a reason when I leave?

Tyesha B

Dear Tyesha,

I think you are resolving your grievances. I do sympathize with you. I think most normal people would have had the common sense and compassion  to pay their workers during Hurricane Sandy. It does appear that your employers could have been generous and considerate but they chose not to. It’s indicative of their values or a lack of values. It’s important to feel valued and seen during mutually hard times. 

I will say this though. You missed a golden opportunity to convey your displeasure. I think it would have been powerful if given closer to all the mayhem and destruction of Hurricane Sandy’s wake. I would not give it as your reason for leaving now. It will only generate denial and  a negative after-taste. 

The best you can do is to move on, and leave them to their ignorance. You’ve learned your lesson. Move on.

Nanny X

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