Wednesday: Nanny Seals??

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A childcare company in New York is offering families the chance to hire armed US military war veterans as nannies to ‘keep tragedy from happening’, months after two children were stabbed to death in the bath by their carer.
The no-nonsense nannies, which cost at least $1,500 a week, are as adept at changing a nappy as they are at reloading a semiautomatic weapon, said Tactical Nanny founder Jonathan Gilliam, a former Navy SEAL and New York City counter-terrorism expert for the FBI.
Gilliam, who is currently recruiting female applicants for the role, said he was inspired by the tragic case of Marina and Kevin Krim, whose two and six-year-old children were murdered by their carer in a horrific crime that shocked America last October.
‘That family even went down to the Dominican Republic thinking they were screening the nanny, but they didn’t really know who she was,’ Gilliam told the New York post.
‘We’re not just offering another nanny service,’ he added. ‘These women have a proven track record. They’re veterans protecting the future of the USA. They can keep tragedy from happening. You’re paying for the peace of mind.’
He has already hired a number of childminders, including Melissa Fraga, an army reservist specialising in enemy tracking and mission communications as well as being a top-level first aider. ‘Let’s say a nanny would freak out if she hears sounds around her,’ she told the post. ‘I’d be able to see the situation, figure out where the noise is coming from, check around the house and then do whatever other steps I need.’
He said all his nannies will come with a full background check and military records that reveal any problems, such as post traumatic stress during their service. He is also consulting a psychologist to help match his employees’ profiles with that of interested families.
Single mother and investment banker Kathleen Histon, 45, told the paper that she was ready to sign up adding that, with their training and security clearance, ‘you really know the quality of the person you bring into your home… There’s no price you can put on that.’
Is this a credible response to the Krim case? Has anyone ever heard of PTSD? (post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Members of the armed forces routinely suffer from PTSD. PTSD can be treated through therapy or by drugs. PTSD can also leave a person hyper-vigilant to potential threats. I am not suggesting that the nannies mentioned above suffer from PTSD, I am merely raising it as a point to consider.
Plus do we live in a war zone that I am unaware of? Children thrive in environments of trust not paranoia. The last thing parents need to think about is how capable her nanny is of disarming a criminal or shooting her way out of a fire-fight. If you want Lara Croft you might just consign your children to the equivalent of living in a witness protection program. 
What do you think?