Friday Tech: Net Nanny gets teeth

Available immediately from the iTunes App Store for an introductory price of $4.99, Net Nanny for iOS is a customizable “safe” Internet browser with built-in internet filters and is designed to replace the inbuilt ttSafari browser.

”Our goal has always been to protect kids online wherever they access the Internet,” said Russ Warner , CEO of Net Nanny. “Net Nanny iOS now provides strong online protection to help prevent kids from viewing online materials 
that can be unsafe or too mature – ensuring safe Internet surfing.”

With Net Nanny iOS, parents can choose between three safety settings:

• High – to block pornography, nudity, death, gore, abortion, mature, lingerie, swimsuits and mask profanity.
• Medium – to block pornography and nudity and to warn of content related to death, gore, abortion, mature, lingerie, swimsuits and masks profanity.
• Low – to block pornography and nudity.

Net Nanny said in a statement that to be effective, Safari and other web browsers should be  disabled, and Net Nanny for iOS set as the default web browser.

 The product is clearly targeted at younger children however, as teens would seemingly be able to quite easily use proxies or other options. Net Nanny also doesn’t work with any other apps, apart from the Net Nanny browser itself.
• Filters web content
• Provides profanity masking
• Provides safe search enforcement
• Protects on Wi-Fi, 3G/4G networks
• Traditional browser settings (replaces Safari)
◦ Cut and paste
◦ Pinch and Zoom
◦ Landscape mode
◦ Multiple tabs
◦ Bookmarks
◦ URL browsing history and suggestions
◦ Persistent cookies
◦ Alternative search with Google, Yahoo! Bing
• One time price. No annual subscription.