Tuesday: 6 things a Nanny should never do (on social media)

By Nanny X
It’s not rocket science but it’s amazing how many nannies blur the lines between their private and professional lives. Here are 6 things a nanny should never do: 
  • text another nanny about an employer 
  • talk about an employer on the phone around their children or within earshot
  • share a personal blog with an employer
  • friend an employer on a personal Facebook page
  • give out a Twitter id to an employer, unless it’s one set aside for detailing daily activities with the family 
  • post images of an employer’s children on social media without obtaining their full consent 
It’s the social media equivalent of opening Pandora’s box because somewhere along the line mistakes or errors of judgment will occur. If we want to be taken seriously as professionals we have to act like professionals. And we do that by maintaining strong boundaries.