Wednesday: Is the “Nanny” ™ brand hitting a new low?

By Nanny X,

Has there been a consistent chipping away of the status and image of nannies in the U.S? Do you feel that only negative stories hit the press? Here are three ways nannies experience generic defamation.

News outlets: Media Hysteria

Example: (headlines) “The Stranger in Your House”; “How Not to Hire a Killer Nanny”
Subtext: Per your suspicions most nannies are probably potentially abusive or lazy. 
Reality: Unlike homicide by relatives, death or injury via a nanny is extremely rare, and is in fact, one of the rarest forms of infant violence. 

Mom blogs:

Example: (blog heading) “Another New York nanny goes bad”
Subtext: Most nannies are ticking time-bombs no matter how nice they seem.
Reality: Everyday 70% of women with school-aged children get up and go to work. The economy continues to function and children continue to develop normally, thanks to a nanny’s care. 

Nanny agencies started by non-nannies: 

Example: (headline) No Mary Poppins, just first class child care. “Everybody would love a Mary Poppins, but I just tell people they probably want Alice from the Brady Bunch, someone who can do more than just take care of the kids,”1 
Subtext: Don’t expect an amazing caregiver who tends to your child’s needs in the same way as you would (as a parent). Find someone (pref really young) who does more like, well, drive your kids around, will do housework, run your errands, and act as your child’s best pal, etc. 
Reality: Nannies regard themselves as childcare professionals not personal assistants or full-time cleaners. Neither are we all college girls, most of us are mature women with careers. 

Q) What do you think? Are nannies getting bashed in the media?