Monday Problem: My nanny let my daughter go get ice cream with a stranger

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Dear Nanny X,

I am so freaked out right now I don’t know what to do. I called my nanny Sunday and told her not to come in Monday, I said I was sick and staying home with the kids. The truth is our daughter told my husband and I, that on Friday our nanny let her cross a road and get ice-cream with a COMPLETE stranger. It only came up because she insisted on going to get ice cream from the truck herself on Saturday. She’s 8. Yesterday we also read about the guy in Florida who abducted a girl my daughter’s age and murdered her. 

I feel sick to my stomach. The guy apparently works in the park and was taking another kid over to get ice-cream while our nanny stayed with our toddler – still – it’s not okay. It feels like a complete over-sight of judgment. One my husband and I would never make. I want to fire her immediately but should I give her a warning? It would go against everything I feel right now plus I don’t know if I can ever trust her again. 

Anxious Mom

Here’s the back story:A registered sex offender, released from jail less than a month ago, has been arrested and charged with murder in the death of an 8-year-old Florida girl abducted while shopping with her mother on Friday night.

Dear Anxious Mom,

this precious girl above was murdered because someone who was responsible for her, tragically and for a moment, dropped the ball. Pedophiles watch for vulnerable, overwhelmed and  distracted adults with children, like a wolf watches for prey. 

You are 100% right to let the nanny go. Her lapse of judgment could have resulted in abduction or even an accident on the busy road. You trust your nanny to act in a responsible safe manner and this breach of trust has been broken. 

Thankfully your little girl is safe. 

Nanny X