Nanny competition: WIN a book about being an Edwardian (think Downtown) English Nanny! True story

Downtown Abbey opens its new series with a nanny for baby Sybil. The infant’s father, former chauffeur Tom Branson now a member of the Crawley gentility, proves susceptible to her beauty and close proximity to his motherless child. The actress behind Downton’s nanny character is Daisy Lewis. 
We emphasis that this is not how an Edwardian nanny would look! But you do get to see what an attractive addition Downton Abbey is getting. The new series explores the life of an Edwardian nanny but how much of it is based in fact? 
Delve into Downton Abbey’s world with our FREE give-away! One lucky entrant will receive a copy of “Tea by the Nursery Fire” a true account of an Edwardian nanny’s life and work. We were fortunate to have received a reader’s copy and it is absolutely fascinating. Everyday life in Edwardian England for servants was not as charming as it is portrayed in Downton Abbey for many reasons. The average age of a girl sent away from home into the service of a large wealthy house was just 13. 
Emily Huckwell was one such girl. Enter our competition and win the chance to get a copy of this wonderful book. Value $10

Book synopsis
Emily Huckwell spent almost her entire life working for one family. Born in a tiny Sussex village in the 1870s, she went into domestic service in the Burton household before she was twelve, earning £5 a year. She began as a nursery maid, progressing to under nurse and then head nanny, looking after two generations of children. One of the children in her care was the father of Noel Streatfeild, the author of Ballet Shoes and one of the best-loved children’s writers of the 20th century. Basing her story on fact and family legend, Noel Streatfeild here tells Emily’s story, and with her characteristic warmth and intimacy creates a fascinating portrait of Victorian and Edwardian life above and below stairs.
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NB: Available September. If readers want to preorder this book, or buy it for a friend, simply go to the book’s page on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.